What is the cost of the workshop?

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Workshop tuition : € 550,00

10% discount for pre-formed groups.

Lodging costs: 8 nights, including a large international daily breakfast and tourist tax, with these choices of rooms:

Single room € 600,00
Double room € 450,00 per person
Triple room € 380,00 per person
Quadruple room € 340,00 per person
Room with 5 beds € 300,00 per person

Food costs:  The hotel “La Culla”  has a great Mediterranean restaurant.  All meals are prepared with fresh, local ingredients, and are “family style” including a first course, a second course of fish or meat, a side dish, fruit, water, and wine.

Lunch, 7 days € 120,00
Dinner, 8 days € 160,00

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