Keith Bowen, Clarinet

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Keith Bowen, clarinet, has qualified in musicology since retiring from his scientific career, obtaining an MA in Music (with Distinction) at the Open University (UK) and a PhD at the Royal College of Music, London. He specialized in classical-period performance practice and in the history and acoustics of the bass clarinet, winning a University prize and two international awards for his research. He is an active chamber music and orchestral performer on clarinet, basset horn and bass clarinet, currently with the British Clarinet Ensemble. Keith is also Vice-President of Kammermusik Workshops based in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA, which runs woodwind chamber music workshops for amateur adult players in Santa Fe and Oxford, England, in which he frequently coaches and directs the large woodwind ensembles, often with his own arrangements. He has studied clarinet with Lesley Schatzberger (UK), Lori Lovato (New Mexico Symphony), and Forest Aten (Dallas Opera) and bass clarinet with Sarah Watts (soloist, UK) and Michael Harris (Royal College of Music).

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