How do I get to Sorrento?

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Sorrento is conveniently located for transport from Naples airport and central train station, with several options:

  • Curreri Bus
  • Circumvesuviana railway line from Naples Central station. (Get off at the St. Agnello station on the circumvesuviana train line and walk west. The hotel is on the south or left side of the street. The roads are not marked well. But there is a gate between two high stone walls that has a double-sided staircase and a car ramp look for little placards in the wall for the street number.)
  • Metro del Mare (hydrofoils from Molo Beverello, and also
    a short hydrofoil journey to the famed island of Capri.)
  • We can provide a private taxi from Naples at special rate.  (Please tell us where and when you would like the car.)

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