How are you addressing the risk from Covid-19?

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The islands of Ischia, Procida, and Capri have been declared by the Prime Minister of Italy, as Covid-19 free, as of 30 May 2021.   This is the result of concerted vaccination program by the Italian government.

To keep all participants safer, we require that all participants be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 at least two weeks before you arrive in Ischia.  This is currently the best way of reducing everyone’s risk of infection.  

We are asking that all participants to honor the requests of other participants to feel safe, including social distancing and wearing masks if asked.

As the situation in Ischia evolves, we may change the rules to meet current government rules.   We can modify our workshop rules as a group once we gather, as long everyone feels comfortable with those changes.

Category: Health and Safety

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