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Long time friend and supporter of the workshop, Mr. Antonio Longobardi, will be hosting us again this year at his new Hotel Gracia Alla Scannella. He shared this message with us.

“Dear Ischia Chamber Music Festival Friends,
in this terrible moment of worldwide worries and restrictions for Covid-19, I’m extremely pleased to announce the opening of Hotel Grazia alla Scannella.

“La Scannella” is a beautiful, scenic area, west of Forio Town, 100 meters above sea level, with a breathtaking view, as far as the eye can see!
I kept the name “Grazia” to remember the atmosphere and high level service we’re used to. Many of our coworkers will still be with us: the unforgettable Franco from Covo dei Borboni, the maître Stani, Giovanna the secretary, the concierge Michele, the chef Peppino and many others to keep alive the same last years thrill!

Hotel Grazia alla Scannella complete renovation is quite finished! Please, do not consider some negative feedback you could find on the internet about this hotel; of course that belong to the old hotel management. I asked Google many times to delete these feedbacks, they answered…”Yes! we’ll do that in a little bit!!”
So….you’re invited to our 2021 Ischia Chamber Music workshop! …to start again exactly from where we were!
Looking forward to hugging again you all!”

Sorrento is conveniently located for transport from Naples airport and central train station, with several options:

  • Curreri Bus
  • Circumvesuviana railway line from Naples Central station. (Get off at the St. Agnello station on the circumvesuviana train line and walk west. The hotel is on the south or left side of the street. The roads are not marked well. But there is a gate between two high stone walls that has a double-sided staircase and a car ramp look for little placards in the wall for the street number.)
  • Metro del Mare (hydrofoils from Molo Beverello, and also
    a short hydrofoil journey to the famed island of Capri.)
  • We can provide a private taxi from Naples at special rate.  (Please tell us where and when you would like the car.)

Besides your instrument, you should bring comfortable clothes appropriate to the mediterrean climate in the Spring.   Some people enjoy wearing nice clothes for dinner in the evening.   However, we encourage casual attire for the workshops during the day.   There is 10 minute walk from the festival site and the hotel and local restaurants, so bring comfortable walking shoes


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