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There is a video of the 2022 workshop which will give you a feeling of the experience.

Yes.  We hope all workshop participants will play in the evening concert on Sunday May 15 in the wonderful Abbey of Cava dei Tirreni, on the Amalfi Coast. We will provide clean and affordable lodging and transportation  from Hotel La Rosa in Ischia to the Amalfi Coast. This year also Galdi-de Filippis Music High School students
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There are three coached sessions per day, two in the morning and one in the afternoon.  There is a long lunch break where you can  enjoy the gardens and pool.   An orchestra rehearsal is usually scheduled for around 5p.

Each session has a distinct group players  with an assigned piece to work every other day.   Then new groups and pieces are assigned.

There are concerts and practice time following dinner.


You can see a complete description of the ACMP self rating here.

No, it is fine if you prefer to end your participation at the workshops.   The concerts are extras, intended to add to your playing experience in front of audiences.

The festival works on pieces from the standard western classical music repertoire, from Baroque through Contemporary composers.   We select pieces based on players abilities and interests.   And the groups range from duets to nonets.   We include at least one orchestral piece for all players.

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