For sixteen years, Association Key Largo, has offered Ischia Chamber Music Festival as a cheerful, bright place where to enjoy music, history, amazing Mediterranean food and warm, long-lasting relationship.

The festival is held at a hotel surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, which will be the exclusive venue for our Chamber Music Workshop.

Ischia Chamber Music Workshop offers a unique week: playing, studying and enjoying quality, professionally-coached Chamber Music.   The workshop often commission a piece from a contemporary composer from premier at the workshop.

The workshop welcomes players of all levels.  Historically, the majority of musicians tend to be intermediate and advanced players. Participants should have a command of the instrument adequate for participating in chamber music and be able to read music comfortably.

Each year, the workshop offers tours and concerts outside of the actual workshop, which offer musicians the chance to experience the unique musical offerings in Italy.   Please check the schedule for this years options.

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